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For over 100 years, the Willmes name has been synonymous with wine quality. Since 1951, Willmes engineers have mastered the art and science of the pneumatic grape press with the unique combination of double-membrane technology and vertical juice drains for higher juice yields in less time; Technology that serves as the backbone of all current devices in the market today. Leading the way in innovation, together Scott Labs and Willmes have pioneered the modern wine press through continuous improvement and four generations of collaboration. With over 500 presses installed throughout North America and over 10,000 installed worldwide, it’s no wonder Willmes is the leading supplier for presses in the wine industry.

Scott Labs has been the exclusive North American representative for the Willmes press since the 1980’s. We are proud to carry both the Merlin and Sigma Pneumatic Presses for top-of-the-line, high-quality wine production across varietals, regions, and terroirs. From Chardonnay to Cabernet, large production or small, the flexibility of the Willmes press can meet your quality and quantity needs.

  • Flagship Willmes press

  • Most modern and efficient wine press in the world

  • Built for volumes ranging from 750-34,000 liters

  • Hermetically sealed lids

  • Flexible Flexidrain juice channels

  • Central juice outlet

  • Double-sided membrane

  • Vertical stainless steel juice channels

  • Large filling opening over entire length of press

  • Built in 1,200-5,100 liter sizes

  • Offers a range of pressing programs

  • Can be used for mash or whole-cluster filling

The Willmes Pressing Principle
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What This Means for Winemakers


are saying

"Our Willmes 24 has been a significant upgrade in juice quality and press efficiency for our chardonnay program. Compared to traditional press designs, yields are achieved at lower pressures and shorter cycles. An additional benefit is cleaner juice. We go to barrel with optimal solids levels and minimal lees losses.”

Patz & Hall

"Here at Shelton Vineyards, we have had the same Willmes press for 20 years and its reliability has been amazing! This press is the workhorse of our crushpad. It's variety of programmed press cycles gives flexibility for many different wine styles and processes, such as mechanically harvested and hand harvested fruit. We also manually create custom cycles for unique situations. The straightforward controls of our Willmes press allow multiple team members to operate it with ease so we never risk not having an operator available.”

Shelton Vineyards