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Customized filtration solutions for winemaking and beverage process technology.

VLS Technologies provides all-in-one filtration and lees-stop solutions for producers of all sizes. Scott Labs is proud to carry the full line of VLS Technologies filtration solutions for North American wine and specialty beverage producers. VLS crossflows are cost-effective and scalable. Start small and grow with your production by adding additional filtration capacity when you need it.

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VLS Crossflow Models


The all-in-one solution for small and medium producers

The VLS Unico filter is designed for small and medium manufacturers needing to filter their wines and lees with a single solution. The end result is a filtered product of excellent quality with turbidity below 1 NTU. That is why VLS Technologies created the Unico filtration system.

The Unico filter makes it possible to get a good filtration of the product while reducing microbiological flora, all done by saving the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. Unico's filter media can stand repeated regenerations with warm water and detergents for a longer lifespan.


The Unico filter is available in different sizes with 1,4,7 and 10 filtering modules up to 60 hl/h. All the filters are realized in stainless-steel with food degree polishing and they are placed, depending on the size, on stainless-steel skids with wheels. The filter, depending on size, is complete with pumps, housings, and all the instrumentation necessary for correct operation and safety check parameters.

It also includes:

  • Pressure transducers

  • Electronical flow meter

  • Probe for temperature control

  • Device for control of flow rate of the feed pump

  • Tank for cleaning and for the dosing of detergents

All models are available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. In the latter, the PLC handles all the operations: filling, filtration, discharge, washing and constantly monitoring all the parameters with no need for operator intervention. Thanks to the touch screen, it's possible to set all the phases, times and parameters necessary to the correct operation of the machine.


With multiple use cases and areas of application, automation capabilities and many additional advantages over traditional filtration, the VLS TMF Crossflow is a great option for the modern winemaker. The Crossflow TMF 3-6-9 has a modular design that allows for an additional 3 element loops to be added to the filter at a later date (up to a maximum of 9 filter elements). Additional features include:

  • Feed pump with stainless-steel pre-filter controlled by variable frequency drive and a recirculation pump

  • PES filter membranes with a maximum pore size of 0.2 microns

  • Pressure sensor with digital display at the inlet and outlet of the filter elements

  • Digital flow meter

  • Stainless-steel tank for cleaning purposes, equipped with water filter

  • Electric board in stainless-steels with PLC for the control and setting of the filtration parameters (flow rate, amount of product to be filtered, start/stop time)

In addition to the above features, the fully automatic (A) model also includes:

  • PLC management is available for all phases of the filtration process with touchscreen color display for setting parameters and alarms.

  • Includes filtration, draining, rinsing and clean in place (CIP)

  • Two peristaltic pumps for automatic dosing of CIP chemicals

  • Temperature probe


The Lees-Stop Filter frees users from the daily use of rotary drum vacuum filters or filter presses and offers an automatic, economical filtration without using any filter aid of any kind. The filtered juice or wine is perfectly brilliant and clean (< 1 NTU).

VLS Lees-Stop membranes are specific for the treatment of lees and must. Features and benefits include:

  • Modular system from 2-12 membranes

  • Stainless-steel membranes with a selectivity adapted to very clogging products

  • Long lasting, resistant to pressure/temperature/chemical products, reliability, capacity of regeneration of the membranes

  • Steam sterilized machinery

  • Operating process made easier with automatic filter and reduced monitoring

  • Efficient filtration

  • More consistent removal of solids from filterable area for longer, more productive filter cycles

  • Higher wine quality than traditional filtration

  • Residues still containing alcohol can be valorized in a distillery

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