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Fructophilic yeast for high sugar fermentations

UVAFERM 43™ favors fructose over glucose, making this yeast suitable for use in high maturity grapes where the fructose concentration is generally higher than the glucose concentration.
  • Wines display red berry aromas and have good color and tannin intensity
  • Fast fermentation onset and fast fermentation kinetics
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus strain
  • Isolated by Lallemand Oenology in collaboration with the research center of Inter-Rhône, France.

Frequently used in: high °Brix musts, Zinfandel, Syrah
Alcohol Tolerance: 17% 
Nitrogen Needs: LOW 
Temp. Range: 55-95°F 

UVAFERM 43 YEAST - Allergen Statement
UVAFERM 43 YEAST - Food Safety Statement
UVAFERM 43 YEAST - Non-GMO Statement
UVAFERM 43 YEAST - Safety Data Sheet
UVAFERM 43 YEAST - Technical Data Sheet