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Pre-acclimated fructophilic yeast for restarting stuck fermentations

UVAFERM 43 RESTART™ is an optimized and pre-acclimated UVAFERM 43 that can efficiently and effectively restart a stuck alcoholic fermentation.
  • Effectively consumes residual fructose and glucose under challenging conditions
  • Acclimation during the production of UVAFERM 43 RESTART results in cells that are more robust, acclimate quicker, and have a lower mortality rate after inoculation
  • For best results, use the 43 RESTART protocol for stuck wines
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus strain
  • Strain originally isolated by Lallemand Oenology in collaboration with Inter- Rhône in France and produced via an innovative process developed by Lallemand Oenology.

Frequently used in: restarting stuck fermentations
Alcohol Tolerance: 17%
Nitrogen Needs: Low
Temperature Range: 55-95°F

UVAFERM 43 RESTART - Allergen Statement
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