Seitz 40 x 40 cm Zero-DE Filter Sheets

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ZD filter media was developed to meet the need of the food and beverage industry for filter sheet media, based on 100% pure cellulose fiber matrix material, without any use of diatomaceous earth (DE) or Perlite. ZD filter sheets have been designed to give excellent filtration performance while respecting product quality at the highest level. 

The Seitz ZD flat filter sheets consist of fibrillated pure cellulose fibers and are produced without the use of any inorganic material such as DE or Perlite. Seitz ZD filter sheets are available in multiple grades suitable for microbial reduction as well as fine and clarifying filtration.

Benefits of using ZD Filter Sheets:
  • low impact on color and flavor
  • high purity, low extractables, low ion release
  • 50% less water consumption for conditioning and regeneration
  • extremely good sealing character in filter presses, minimizing drip losses
  • 100% biodegradable material
  • strong filtration media
  • easy to regenerate
  • high hold up volume for long filtration cycles
  • good particle and microbiological retention

Filter Grade Selection

For assistance in selecting a filter grade based on beverage type, please refer to the documents below.

Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Beer
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Distilled Spirits
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Wine
ZD Filter Sheets - Technical Data Sheet