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Improved settling and filterability in grape
juice and wine

SCOTTZYME® KS can be used anytime post-pressing to increase clarification rates and improve filtration throughput.
  • The earlier KS is used, the more effective it will be
  • It should never be used before pressing in either white or red grapes: KS has very aggressive enzymatic activities that will break down skins and create many fine solids.
  • Customers have reported very favorable results when used to solve “nightmare” filtrations before bottling
  • Minimum contact time is 3 days at 15°C (60 °F). In cases when the tank temperature is cooler (-1-15 C /30-60 °F), minimum contact time should be 4-7 days and stirring is recommended
  • Blend of pectinase enzymes with cellulase, hemicellulase, and protease side-activities

Format: Liquid- 1 kg (890mL) 25 kg (22.25 L)
Recommended Dosage—Bench trials recommended for wine
  • White/Rosé Juice 2.6–4.0 mL/hL (100–150 mL/1000 gal)
  • Wine 5.3–7.9 mL/hL (200–300 mL/1000 gal)
Usage: Dilute SCOTTZYME KS to approximately a 10% solution in cool water. Add to the juice after
pressing or to the wine after alcoholic fermentation during a tank mixing.
Storage: Store at 4°C (39°F) for 1–2 years. Keep tightly sealed and refrigerated once opened.

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