A simple yet effective filtration system to ensure taint, particle, and microbe-free water.

Why ScottCart Aqua?

SCOTTCART AQUA is a multi-stage cartridge filtration system that ensures taint, particle, and microbe-free water, suitable for many applications in the production facility. It is sold in a pre-assembled kit or can be customized based on individual water quality and throughput requirements.

Looking for a custom setup?

Water quality results will help determine what is needed from a filtration system as certain water quality parameters will require special consideration. For example: high water hardness may indicate the need for a water softening unit prior to filtration. High levels of chlorine may lower maximum flow rate to ensure appropriate contact time with chlorine-removing media.

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The Importance of Water Filtration

Why Should You Filter Your Water?

The organisms that live in water are generally not beverage-spoilage organisms as most are killed in the presence of at least 1% alcohol. However, water is a fantastic solvent, and it can contain many other notable impurities including:

  • Minerals leading to hard water and buildup (Ca, Mg)
  • Heavy metal ions that cause off-flavors, buildup, and corrosion or are not safe for human consumption in high quantities (Fe, Mn, Al)
  • Taint precursors (Cl, Fl, Br)
  • Other organic solids that contribute to turbidity (Silica)

When is Filtered Water Important?

When cleaning and sanitizing equipment/any surface area that comes into contact with your product. Water impurities can cause scale on equipment, which can be hiding places for biofilms. Water impurities may also interfere with the efficacy of your cleaners.

When preparing depth and bottling filters as organic solids and minerals will prematurely foul filter media (including crossflows).

When preparing additions like yeast, nutrients, bentonite or anything that will be added to the beverage to avoid adding taint precursors. Some water impurities may lower the efficacy of some products: e.g., sodium bentonites will not swell in hard water.

When water is the main ingredient in your formulation such as beer, hard seltzer, kombucha, mead, etc. All the above-mentioned problems will be exacerbated.

Ideal Winery Water Parameters

Fe, Mn < 0.1 ppm
Al < 0.5 ppm
Silica < 10 ppm
Chlorine Not detectable
Hardness < 60 ppm CaCO3
Sum: Ca + Mg < 70 ppm
Turbidity < 1 NTU

Test Your Water Quality

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Water testing services are affordable and widely available in most areas. Ward Laboratories also offers a complete Winery Water Test Kit* including all our recommended parameters.

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*A water test kit includes the cost of the analysis, a sample bottle, box, and prepaid label with 2-day shipping through FedEx. You can also choose to package and mail your own sample.

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