Pall SupraDISC Zero-DE Lenticular Filter Module - 16 in, Flat Gasket

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The SUPRAdisc II ZD filter media was developed to meet the need of the food and beverage industry for filter sheet media, based on 100% pure cellulose fiber matrix material, without any use of diatomaceous earth (DE) or Perlite.

The SUPRAdisc Zero-DE (ZD) Series brings a 100% cellulose depth filter sheet matrix to Pall’s excellent Supradisc II design. Featuring a patented Inside/Outside Separator Technology that differentiates from classic stacked-disc lenticulars in their filtration and handling characteristics.

SUPRAdisc II ZD filter modules are available in 4 grades which are suitable for microbial reduction, fine filtration and clarifying filtration in various food and beverage applications.

Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Distilled Spirits
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Wine
Setiz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Beer
ZD Lenticular Modules - Technical Data Sheet