Pall SupraDISC I Dual Grade HP Series - 12" Flat Gasket

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The SupraDISC I HP Range combines 2 different grades of Pall filter sheet media into a single module. A coarse layer on the upstream side and a fine layer on the downstream side allows pre-clarification and clarification in one assembly. Each of the sheet layers is separated by a separator.

12” modules have 1 m2 of internal surface area.

  • Enhanced clarification abilities for fluids with wide particle size distribution, due to graded particle removal. Larger particles are retained by the top sheet layer, thus avoiding plugging of the finer sheet material below. In turn, the downstream layer enables increased efficiency of the upstream layer.
  • Up to 30” higher filtration efficiency than in single layer formats.
  • Reduced capital expenditure for small batch processing, due to two-step filtration in one housing.
  • Reduced rinsing water and cleaning chemical consumption.

Supradisc I HP modules are not designed for back flushing.

Organic Certificate
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Beer
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Distilled Spirits
Seitz Supradisc Sheet Grades for Wine