Oak Lab Thermic Bung Insert

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Slow release of oak compounds for use in barrels

Inserts help achieve the aroma and flavor impact of new oak barrels while using used or neutral barrels. THERMIC inserts are also more cost-effective and sustainable than new oak barrels.
  • Used during fermentation, aging, and finishing
  • Suggested contact time of 3-12 months. Wine should be frequently tasted and evaluated to determine the exact contact time
  • Barrel inserts contain 20 sections, contained within food-grade mesh netting, and an eyelet screw for easy attachment to barrel bungs (barrel bungs not included)
  • Has a surface area of 5.5 sq. ft, each section is 9” x 11/16” x 13/16”
  • Made from American white oak (Quercus alba)

Recommended Dosage: 1 insert/60 gallon barrel
Usage: Attach the eyelet screw to barrel bung and insert into barrel.
Storage: Store in a cool dry, odor free environment below 25°C (77°F) away from ignition sources. If stored tightly sealed and dry, shelf life is 5 years. Once opened use immediately.


Scott Laboratories’ THERMIC line of oak infusion products are the most innovative available. THERMIC is produced using a proprietary thermal modification process which results in a wide spectrum of flavor profiles that are incredibly consistent. THERMIC comes in staves, cubes, and barrel inserts, each of which are available in five distinct flavor profiles.

THERMIC profiles can be used on their own or blended in tank to produce the desired oak characteristics. Additionally, THERMIC’s consistency ensures that bench trials accurately predict the oak impact in your wine at production scale.

Your wine matrix may change with each vintage, but THERMIC will not.

Thermic Food Safety Statement
Thermic SDS Sheet
Thermic Technical Data Sheet