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Enhanced fresh fruit, spice, and tannin integration

LALVIN ELIOS 1™ is best suited for Mediterranean, Rhône style, and other warm climate red wines where it is known for enhancing red fruit aromas, spice, and tannin intensity.
  • Wines have an integrated mouthfeel with good mid-palate intensity, decreased drying sensations, and increased freshness
  • Can reduce the perception of green and vegetative characters
  • Selected due to its fast implantation and reliable malic acid degradation
  • Has a high capacity for acetaldehyde degradation. Because acetaldehyde strongly binds SO2, using ELIOS 1 may help keep more SO2 in the free form and therefore make post-MLF SO2 additions more effective
  • Oenococcus oeni isolated by the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV), France

Alcohol Tolerance*: <14%
pH: >3.4
Total SO2<50ppm
Temp: >64°F
Frequently used in: medium and full-bodied reds
*Alcohol tolerance of ELIOS 1 is improved (up to 15.5%) when the pH >3.5 and TSO2 <35 ppm
Usage: Add directly to wine and mix thoroughly.
Storage: Dated expiration. For short term (<18 months) store at 4°C (39°F). For long term (>18 months) store at –18°C (0°F).