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Increased aroma complexity, color stability, mouthfeel, and tannin structure

LALLZYME EX-V™ positively impacts color stability, structure, and aromatic
  • Rapid release of color pigments (anthocyanins) and tannins, leading to stable polymeric pigments
  • Wines are highly structured with deep, stable color
  • Increases the release of aromatic compounds while respecting varietal characteristics
  • Enzyme is active from 18-28 °C (64-82 °F)
  • Recommended contact time 2-8 days, and dosage can be split if undergoing extended maceration
  • Pectinase with cellulase, and hemicellulase side-activities 

Format: Granular
Recommended Dosage: Crushed Grapes 10–20 g/ton
Usage: Dissolve LALLZYME EX-V in 10 times its weight of water, gently stir and allow to sit for a few
minutes. Add to the grapes at the beginning of fermentation or the onset of cold soak.
Storage: Dated expiration. Store dry enzyme at 25°C (77°F). Once rehydrated, use within a few hours.


LALLZYME EX-V - Allergen Statement
LALLZYME EX-V - Food Safety Statement
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LALLZYME EX-V - Safety Data Sheet
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