Standard conditions/process


Wort separation

Boil Wort

2-5 minute boil. Pasteurize wort to prevent contamination

Adjust wort pH

Adjust wort pH to 4.2-4.5 by adding food grade lactic or phosphoric acid to help protect against unwanted microbes and promote head formation/retention

Adjust wort temperature

Adjust wort to ideal temperature for inoculation of Wildbrew™ Sour Pitch. 35-38C (95-100.5F) optimal but 30-40C (86-104F) will result in effective souring

CO2 purge

Flushing the wort with CO2 can help prevent aerobic contaminates

Inoculate Wildbrew™ Sour Pitch

Using a rate of 10g/hL inoculate wort with Wildbrew™ Sour Pitch.


Once inoculated in ideal conditions souring will be achieved in < 24 hours but greater sensory complexity can be achieved at 48 hours. It is recommended to measure and assess pH, TA and flavor throughout the souring process.

Boil soured wort

Once the soured wort is boiled and sterilized it can be safely transferred to FV without risk of downstream contamination

Ferment wort

Transfer wort to Fermentation Vessel and pitch an appropriate brewing yeast. Proceed with fermentation in standard/recommended conditions.