Fining & StabilityAdd perception of sweetness

Fining agents can be used on juice or wine to enhance filterability, improve clarity and remove undesired compounds. Each fining agent has specific properties. The same fining agent may do several jobs or a combination of fining agents may be needed for one problem. Samples of fining agents are available for bench trials prior to use. As with all fining procedures, bench trials are highly recommended.

The goal of Stability is to retain clarity and aromatics in the finished wine. In enology we can separate Stability into two distinct areas:
  • Chemical Stability
  • Macromolecular Stability
Chemical instabilities can be caused by metal ions, potassium tartrate, or polyphenolic precipitation. Until recently, we have had limited tools to deal with such issues. However, there has been much research done, and recent developments with regard to stability products. We are pleased to now offer a range of options to assist with potassium tartrate stabilization (mannoproteins), and polyphenolic precipitation (Gum Arabics).
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