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Best-in-class filtration equipment solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Scott Labs is proud to partner with the wine industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of filtration equipment. From depth filtration technology, membrane and cartridge filter systems; to crossflow filtration, high solids, or pressure leaf filters – we can help you find the right filtration system for your needs, large or small.

Pall SUPRApak™

SUPRApak is an economical, compact depth filtration technology, greatly reducing product loss, dissolved oxygen pickup and drip loss. The media can be regenerated, stored inside the housing between uses and reused multiple times, saving time and money.

Key Advantages of SUPRApak Filtration Technology

  • Quick and easy to setup and media is stored inside housing for the life of the media.
  • Scalability – SUPRApak media can be used in a Pall WSFZ lenticular housing with adaptor (good for high pressure/sparkling applications), or in dedicated SUPRApak housings for highest flow rates.
  • Especially cost-effective when used to adjust/correct filterability in-line with bottling.

Sartorius Sartocheck® Mini

An automatic integrity tester for accurate validation of pressure drop and pressure diffusion for membrane filters used in the food and beverage industry. Especially recommended to validate integrity on multiple-round cartridge housings (ie. more than one cartridge per housing).

Key Advantages of using Sartocheck Mini

  • Test results are automatically printed using the built-in thermo printer
  • The unit has the ability to have 19 preprogrammed tests and can store up to 100 tests which can also be downloaded onto a computer
  • Scott Laboratories is certified to perform annual calibrations

Sartorius Jumbo Star Sartopure® 

High Capacity Particle & Bioburden Reduction Filter Cartridge Systems.

Key Advantages of using Sartocheck Mini

  • Available in PP and GF media types.
  • Due to the excellent regenerability of this media, total filter and energy consumption is dramatically reduced.
  • Highest filtration area on the smallest footprint.


Crossflow Filtration, unlike traditional depth filtration, is a membrane-based technology, using low pressure and tangential flow to remove suspended solids and to clarify wine, cider and other beverages. As a one-step membrane-based filtration process, it has become a cost saving alternative to the traditional filtration techniques.

Key Advantages of Crossflow Filtration

  • Eliminates the use and disposal of filter aids
  • Automation reduces labor and production cost
  • Reduces wine loss and enhances wine quality
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Low turbidity, guaranteed below (<1 NTU)
  • Filtered juice or wine is perfectly brilliant and clean (<1 NTU)

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High Solids Crossflow Filtration

High Solids crossflow filtration uses a type of Crossflow filter, with specific membranes that can handle high solids, such as post-fermentation lees, juice, wine and cider lees. This specific one-step, gentle filtration process is aimed at replacing traditional rotary drum vacuum and sheet filtration.

Key Advantages of High Solids Filtration

  • Eliminates the use and disposal of filter aids
  • Final product concentrate – 80% to 90%
  • Filtered juice or wine is perfectly brilliant and clean (<1 NTU)
  • Recuperates juice, wine or cider at higher quality compared to traditional filtration methods
  • Minimal oxygen pick-up

Pressure Leaf

Often used as the final filtration step in brewing & winemaking, pressure leaf filters are comprised of a bell housing with metal screens. Diatomaceous earth or alternative mediums such as Perlite are circulated and layered onto the screen to form the filtration medium.

Key Advantages of Pressure Leaf Filtration

  • The various coarseness of DE or Perlite allows for a wide range of porosity.
  • Allows for handling product with higher levels of solids.
  • Higher flow rates allow for reduction in production costs.
  • Minimizes product loss during filtration.
  • Can be purchased with special options for beer filtration

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