ScottCART Pre-Filter Cartridge (Code 3)

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ScottCart PreMembrane PP cartridges are pleated depth filters designed for particle removal in food and beverage applications.

ScottCart PreMembrane PP cartridges were optimized for the wide range of prefiltration. Especially for the retention of particles from water and beverages. PreMembrane PP cartridges combine multiple layers of progressively pleated polypropylene depth material. The filter elements ensure the selective, effective and defined particle retention. The all polypropylene construction offers a broad chemical compatibility.

The filter elements combine high dirt loading capacities with long service life and extremely high flow rates.

Economical Results
Considering all features and benefits, PreMembrane PP filters guarantee the maximum in process profitability.

  • Consistent and excellent filtrate quality due to the highly stable media structure
  • Long life due to high contaminant holding capacity
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Superior backflush capability improves total throughput and reduces overall operating costs
  • Full traceability to materials and production records
The ScottCart Pre-Membrane PP comes in  0.65, 3.0, and 5.0 micron porosities with the highest retention ratings and total throughputs.

This filter cartridge end cap style is a special order item.
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