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Fermentation Nutrient - YAN source supplying organic nitrogen (amino acids); OMRI listed

FERMAID O™ is an organic nitrogen source that helps to nourish yeast, improve aromas, and allows for good control over fermentation.
  • Reliably lowers peak fermentation temperatures and improves fermentation kinetics (especially at the end of fermentation), resulting in fewer sulfur off odors like H2S
  • Due to FERMAID O’s highly consistent and balanced amino acid profile, the nitrogen lasts longer and less nutrient is needed than when using conventional nitrogen sources (DAP)
  • FERMAID O use has been correlated with positive aromatic expression (thiols and esters) and enhanced mouthfeel
  • Blend of highly specific inactivated yeast fractions that are rich in assimilable amino acids (organic nitrogen), small peptides, essential vitamins, and minerals

Recommend Dosage: 10-40 g/hL (0.83-3.3/1000 gal). See our Fermentation Nutrition Planner for more information.
  • *Measurable YAN at 40g/hL: 16ppm
  • *YAN equivalents at 40g/hL: 64-96ppm
Usage: Suspend FERMAID O in water or juice/must and mix well before adding, especially during fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing of the vessel.
Storage: Dated expiration. Store at 18°C (65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.