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Mannoprotein preparation for potassium tartrate stabilization

CLARISTAR® is a yeast-based liquid mannoprotein to assist with potassium tartrate stability in wine.
  • Inhibits potassium tartrate drop-out in compatible wines
  • Improves colloidal stability
  • Enhances the sensory balance of wine and users note improved aromatics as well as smoothness on the palate
  • Highly purified liquid solution of mannoproteins with the highest Tartrate Stability Index (TSI)
  • 100% soluble in wine
  • Bench trials must be run to determine a wine’s compatibility with CLARISTAR (contact us for more information)
  • Compatible wines can be treated immediately prior to bottling
  • Mannoproteins have some stabilizing effects on wine, though the addition of this product is not a replacement for good winemaking practice or thorough analysis
  • Not for use in sparkling or sparkling base wine
  • Contact Time: Indefinitely

Recommended Dosage: Bench trials recommended
  • 600–1250 ppm (60–125 mL/hL) (2.27–4.7 L/1000 gal)
Usage: CLARISTAR should be the last commercial product added to the wine. Add directly to wine and mix. CLARISTAR should never be added prior to filtration with cellulose pads or DE/Earth/Velo filtration, however, it can be added prior to crossflow and sterile cartridge filtration.
Storage: Dated expiration. Store in a cool, dry environment at under 10°C (50°F). Once opened, use within 15 days. Can be frozen once.
​​​​Note 1: CLARISTAR is not appropriate for calcium tartrate stabilization.
Note 2: This product contains ingredient(s) currently listed by the TTB as acceptable in good commercial winemaking practices in 27 CFR 24.250. For more information please visit