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Armbruster can provide all the equipment for a complete crush pad. With the capability to handle throughput from 1-2 tons/hour up to 30+ tons per hour, and over 300+ Rotovib Destemmers currently in use in North America, Armbruster has developed proven systems for handling both mechanically harvested and hand-harvested fruit.

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Armbruster Rotovib Key Features & Benefits

Rotovib’s robust, easy to maintain design is built with simplicity and longevity in mind:

  • A special 3-D stainless steel design makes the Armbruster extremely easy to clean.
  • Independent Variable Frequency Drives for the Pin Shaft Speed, Vibrating level and each individual RollerSorter gives the operator the ability to fine tune and adjust the machine to varietal and vineyard variables.
  • These adjustments can be made during operation or prior to receiving different varietals and vineyard sources.
  • The Single Rollersorter option allows the winery to reduce the overall MOG level in the destemmed product.
  • The Double Rollersorter option provides an additional level of sorting capability to remove raisins, seeds, and small MOG. The result is extremely clean destemmed fruit.
Image of Armbruster Rotovib
Rotovib 10 with Single Rollersorter


  • Reduce overall crushpad footprint
  • Reduce labor costs during harvest
  • Provide high quality destemming
  • Allow for flexibility due to adjustable stand
  • Available in 240/480/208 3-phase voltage
  • Easily adjustable for different varietals and grape conditions
Available Models:
  • ROTOVIB 10 - for production of up to 6 tons/hour 
  • ROTOVIB 20 - for production of up to 12 tons/hour  
  • ROTOVIB 30 - for production of up to 20 tons/hour


Vibrating sorting tables are perfect for draining, leveling and manual hand-sorting of grapes. These premium quality Armbruster tables include dripping slots and a tank to collect both liquid as well as dry vegetable matter. They are highly efficient at removing small vegetable matter, seeds, insects, and more.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Flexible design that can work in a variety of layouts (both pre and post destemmer).
  • Can receive and process entire contents of a ½ ton bin.
  • Up to 5 tons+ per hour capacity.
  • Slotted area with tray to catch debris and incidental juice.
  • Two vibrating motors and a variable frequency drive for controlled discharge.


Designed specifically for the gentle transfer of grapes to a destemmer or sorting line, the Armbruster ST2000 allows for controlled metering and distribution of fruit with minimum damage. 

Key Features & Benefits
  • Standard output up to 10 tons per hour, with options to upgrade to higher inputs
  • Exceptionally gentle handling and transfer of grapes
  • Up to 5 tons+ per hour capacity
  • Easily movable by forklift or wheels
  • Variable frequency drive for controlled discharge


Armbruster ETV Vibrating Hopper
Armbruster FBG Elevator-Conveyer
Armbruster KVB15 Tilting Hopper
Armbruster Stand-Alone Grape Crusher
Armbruster TMP Must Pump
Armbruster Stand-Alone Rollersorter


are saying

We like the Rotovib because it is so gentle for destemming, does a good job at removing materials other than grapes, and has many settings to adjust the destemming to each varietal."

Director of Winemaking & Viticulture, Valdemar Estates

I’ve built a strong relationship with Scott Labs over the years. From the expert sales team to the best after sale support, Scott was the easy choice for me when upgrading my destemmer. The Armbruster Rotovib 20 with roller sorter and crushing rollers has increased the speed, efficiency and quality of our thruput on the crushpad. It’s quickly become a valuable tool for us during harvest.”

Winemaker, Novelty Hill-Januik Winery
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