Destemmers & Crush Equipment

The Industry's leading grape processing and handling equipment for all of your crush needs.

With over 100 years of history, Armbruster is the premier crush equipment manufacturer in the world. Scott Laboratories and Armbruster have collaborated over a long partnership to advance destemming technology based on winemaker feedback. We’ve added features and functions that winemakers care about most, while maintaining simplicity, reliability, and value.

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Rotovib Destemmers
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With its patented vibrating technology, the Rotovib destemmer is the gentlest destemmer on the market. With the attached single or double rollersorter, the system efficiently removes all MOG, stems, jacks, and raisins, leaving only whole, high quality berries.
Other Crushpad Equipment
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Armbruster provides all the equipment for a complete crush pad including hoppers, sorting tables, elevators, must pumps and more.


are saying
We like the Rotovib because it is so gentle for destemming, does a good job at removing materials other than grapes, and has many settings to adjust the destemming to each varietal.”
Marie-Eve Gilla
Director of Winemaking & Viticulture, Valdemar Estates
I’ve built a strong relationship with Scott Labs over the years. From the expert sales team to the best after-sale support, Scott was the easy choice for me when upgrading my destemmer. The Armbruster Rotovib 20 with roller sorter and crushing rollers has increased the speed, efficiency, and quality of our thruput on the crushpad. It’s quickly become a valuable tool for us during harvest.”
Scott Moeller
Winemaker, Novelty Hill-Januik Winery
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