Rehydration Instructions for Lallemand 1-Step Malolactic Cultures

Sequential (Post-Alcoholic) Malolactic Fermentation

  1. Mix and dissolve contents of the activator sachet in the appropriate amount of drinking water (see table below). The temperature of the water should be between 18-25 °C (64 -77 °F).
  2. Add the contents of the bacteria sachet and dissolve carefully by gently stirring.
  3. Wait for 20 minutes.
  4. Mix the 1-Step preparation (the activator and bacteria dissolved in drinking water) with an equivalent volume of wine. Ideally the wine has pH> 3.5, total SO2<45ppm, no free SO2, and a temperature between 18-25 °C (64-77 °F).
  5. Allow bacteria to acclimate to the wine environment for 18-24 hours.
  6. Transfer the mixture (activator-bacteria preparation and wine) into the wine according to the volume indicated on the kit.
  7. Maintain the temperature between 18-25 °C (64-77 °F). Check malolactic fermentation activity (malic acid degradation) every two to four days.

1-Step KitVolume of Water/Wine
For 25hL (660 gal)2.5L (0.65 gal)
For 100hL (2,600 gal)10L (2.6 gal)
For 500hL (13,000 gal)50L (13 gal)