Rehydration Instructions for Lallemand 1-Step Malolactic Cultures Instructions for Co-Inoculation

The 1-Step activator and bacteria can be used in co-inoculation with yeast without waiting for the 24-hour 1-Step protocol. Simply add the 1-Step activator and bacteria to the must/juice 24 hours after adding yeast. Ideally, the must/juice has pH>3.4 and less than 80 ppm of sulfur was added to the grapes.    
  1.  Mix and dissolve contents of the activator sachet in the appropriate amount of drinking water (see table below). The temperature of the water should be between 18°C-22°C(64°F-72°F).  
  2.  Add the contents of the bacteria sachet and dissolve carefully by gently stirring.  
  3.  Wait 30 minutes.  
  4.  Transfer the rehydrated mixture (activator-bacteria preparation) into the fermenting must/juice 24 hours after the yeast is added.  
  5.  Check malolactic fermentation activity (malic acid degradation) and volatile acidity every two to four days.
1-Step Kit
Volume of water (Step 1)
For 25 hL(660 gal)
2.5 L (0.65 gal)
For 100 hL (2,600 gal)
10 L (2.6 gal)
For 500 hL (13,000 gal)
50 L (13 gal)

If the must/juice pH<3.4 or sulfite addition over 80ppm, it is recommended to use the 1-Step activator and bacteria after alcoholic fermentation.